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Chicago Comedy Showcase at Edinburgh

May 31, 2017

Chicago, America's premier city for up-and-coming comedians sends its best and brightest to Edinburgh. A changing program daily features new comedians every night from the Windy City to blow you away. Our programme includes touring comedians from the Midwest United States who appear regularly at Chicago landmarks of comedy like The Laugh Factory, The Second City, Improv Olympic, Zanies and The Comedy Bar.

Brendon Lemon, Prophet of Doom

May 31, 2017

Based on his 2016 prediction of Trump's election during his last special, Prophet of Doom is award-winning Chicago-based stand-up Brendon Lemon's examination of the absurd nature of life, prophetic soothsaying on how the world is probably going to end and whether or not that would even be that bad. Topics include the world as simulation, relationship breakups, nuclear holocaust, Donald Trump, winning gold in the Olympics, getting older, pregnancy and widespread apocalypse. See it to laugh; see it to learn what you should prepare for in the post-Armageddon world.

Brendon Lemon Twitter

May 31, 2017

Follow Brendon on Twitter for podcast, fest and comedy updates!

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